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Like a collective a whales.

Not like a podcast. We don't have a podcast. We can't stress that enough.

Diogo Hausen
Chief Creative Dude 

Diogo founded Whalesplosion in 2010 while in grad school for Chinese medicine. After swearing never to make another powerpoint again, Diogo proceeded to make short films for every presentation he had. 

Since then he has been making stuff for Whalesplosion as a director, producer, writer, know it's just easier to say "filmmaker." He makes film. 


Until he becomes a pro wrestler, Diogo continues to act in other people's stuff. Check out his acting page here for all of that.

Bradford A. Wilson
Senior Unstoppable Force of Nature

Bradleyford Atomic Wilson came to LA from New Jersey to inspire generations new and old through the raw power of his acting and a smile that says, "Hello, Cameras. Are you ready for this?" 

Retroactively voted "Best Manny" 9 years in a row by Whalesplosion Magazine,  Brad also sparked all the ideas that grew to become NEW NEW GIRL, BOOK CLUBBED and  RUSSELL AND CORNELL.

Fun facts:

- Former Physical Education teacher.

- Once drank pineapple juice on a beach.

- Half eagle.

Elizabeth Yun
President of Wanton Destruction / Unicorn Wrangler

Elizabeth (or as her friends call her... Elizabeth) came to LA from Antioch, CA with nothing but a dream in her heart, a stick of Korean bubble gum in her pocket, and blood on her hands from the hearts of her enemies that she plucked clean out their chests. Trained in the deadly arts of being sad in a movie as well as 4th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, Elizabeth destroys faces in projects such as AGENT E, NEW NEW GIRL, and BOOK CLUBBED

Fun facts:

- Broke her ring toe. No further details were available.

- Does an excellent horse whinny.

- Constantly shamed for not having watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Christopher Hazel
The Law

A former law enforcement and judicial officer in the year 2099, Chris decided to leave Mega-City One and his life of cracking the skulls of criminal scum behind him. Now Chris lives the good life in Los Angeles where he cracks the skulls of criminal scum on screen. 

Fun facts:

- Is the judge, jury and executioner... of comedy. 

- Hates ghosts.

- Has received mulitple interventions held in attempts to manage his hummus addiction.

Geena Lovato
High President of the Dark Arts

Geena spent her childhood in Orange County preparing herself to one day play a psychic who knew where Nina was. With that now accomplished, she has channeled her dark arts into her writing, which will be seen in her upcoming works, THE ENABLER (which she also directed), as well as her upcoming astrology-inspired TV pilot. 

Fun facts:

- Has a dog. I know, right? You totally expected like a cat or raven.

- Her cellphone case is a tarot card.

- Cries blood every time she sees a bumblebee. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 9.35.44 AM.png
David N. Sachs
Ambassador to Centaurs / Photography Wizard

David Narwhal Sachs decided to punish society by being behind the camera when the world yearns to see him in front of it. David said, "Fuck you, world. I do what I want." He then proceeded to make everyone else look sexy in front of the camera in NEW NEW GIRL while hiding his own sexiness behind it.  See him torture us with his brilliant photography.

Fun facts:

- Born to Centaur parents but abandoned at birth due to not having the horse part. 

- A totally rocking wedding photographer/videographer.

- Cooking up some mermaids. Figuratively.  For content. Not for food. It is obviously a crime to eat mermaid.  Obviously...

Jewell Karinen
Chairhuman of Coolness

(Bio ommited due to excessive coolness)

Fun facts:

- Cool.

- Creator of the expanded Sweet Turtle universe.

- Possibly too cool.

Tara Laya Adams
Empress of Yelling /  Good at Dresses

Tara formally relinquished the title of Scream Queen because she hates anything that rhymes. Now the empress rules at being terrified in AGENT E, NEW NEW GIRL, and the upcoming PIGGY KILLER KILLS SOME PIGGY PIG PIGS DEAD* with her occasionally British accent.

*(working title)

Fun facts:

- Grew up in Spain? Or an island? I wanna say in a volcano. 

- Has never eaten a grape.

- Her legs are always CGI/photoshop. Actually, a tentacle leg situation. Like Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

John C. Woodley
Reincarnation of a Pre-Deceased John C. Riley

Best known for falling off a cliff and smushing a bunch of rat babies, Johnerthun Chainsaw Woodley has reformed himself after his infant ratticide spectacle to kill a bunch of humans in PIGGY KILLER KILLS SOME PIGGY PIG PIGS DEAD* as The Piggler himself.  

*(still a working title. We really gotta do something about that.)

Fun facts:

- Dude just loves killing.

- Once owned a fedora.

- The centerpiece of a study at Stanford University finding a corrolation between murder and fedoras .

Jason Randle
Certified Whale Cry Translator

Jason was raised in a giant hermit crab shell on the beach. This gave him the distinct advantage of understanding the sounds of the ocean better than most human mammals. Now Sergeant Snake Bones whips up many of the sweet sounds​ you hear in our videos but also motion graphics and color grading. 

Fun facts:

- Graphic designer at Jason Randle Design 

- Rocks the party with the power of Snake Bones

- Convinced pigeons do not exist. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 3.15.48 PM.png

A cat. A lump. A visionary.  

Fun facts:

- Responsible for literally everything.

- loves: a potato chip bag on a string.

- hates: letting his humans sleep

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