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Best Comedy Micro Short Film Nominee - A

Russell & Cornell: The Case Of The Award Show Haircut

Written and Directed by Diogo Hausen

Bradford Wilson as “Cornell”

John Woodley as “Russell”

Lumpy Cat as “Hypnocat”

Russell has a master plan to sneak into a certain fancy award show... but he needs a haircut before he goes. Cornell needs to stay focused long enough to cut some hair. The stakes have never been lower. Will they make it to the awards show??? 

This is a short film that was written on a Friday, shot on a Saturday and wrapped on a Sunday. It was made real quick-like and it is a pile of nonsense made for the love of comedy itself.

Official Selection:

LA Underground Film Festival 2019

Winner: Best Comedy

Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 2019

Best Comedy Micro Short Film Award Nominee

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