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Whalesplosion is

Diogo Hausen
Chief Creative Dude 

Diogo founded Whalesplosion in 2010 while in grad school for Chinese medicine. After swearing never to make another powerpoint again, Diogo proceeded to make short films for every presentation he had. 

Since then he has been making stuff for Whalesplosion as a director, producer, writer, know it's just easier to say "filmmaker." He makes film. 


Until he becomes a pro wrestler, Diogo also acts in other people's stuff. Check out his acting page here for all of that.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 3.15.48 PM.png

A cat. A lump. A visionary.   

Fun facts:

- responsible for literally everything

- loves: a potato chip bag on a string

- hates: letting his humans sleep

- actually this blurry in real life

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